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Anne-Inger Hellekjær

Anne-Inger Hellekjær


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Administrative field of work

Digital advising   Systems owner   Record keeping   ODA   Archival repository   Theses and dissertations   Journals   Open Access

Scientific publications

Hellekjær, Glenn Ole; Hellekjær, Anne-Inger (2015). From tool to target language: Arguing the need to enhance language learning in English-medium instruction courses and programs. Dimova, Slobodanka; Hultgren, Anna Kristina; Jensen, Christian (Ed.). English-Medium Instruction in European Higher Education. p. 223-243. De Gruyter Mouton.

Hellekjær, Glenn Ole; Hellekjær, Anne-Inger (2015). Is Anglophone Complacency a Virtue of Necessity?: The Gap Between the Need for and Supply of Occupational Second Foreign Language Skills in Norwegian Business and Government. 19 p. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 59.

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