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Marit Kristine Ådland

Marit Kristine Ådland

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Knowledge retrieval and organisation

Subject areas

Information retrieval   Information seeking behaviour   Knowledge organization   Social tags   Folksonomies

Scientific publications

Preminger, Michael; Rype, Ingebjørg; Ådland, Marit Kristine; Massey, David; Tallerås, Kim (2020). The Public Library Metadata Landscape, the Case of Norway 2017–2018. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.

Olsen, Heidi Kristin; Ådland, Marit Kristine (2015). Undervisning i klassifikasjon og indeksering i bibliotekarutdanningen. Audunson, Ragnar Andreas (Ed.). Samle, formidle, dele: 75 år med bibliotekarutdanning. p. 127-144. ABM-media AS.

Steinhauer, Jeremy; Delcambre, Lois M.L.; Lykke, Marianne; Ådland, Marit Kristine (2014). Evaluating distance-based clustering for user (browse and click) sessions in a domain-specific collection. International Journal on Digital Libraries. Vol. 14.

Steinhauer, Jeremy; Delcambre, Lois M.L.; lykke, marianne; Ådland, Marit Kristine (2013). Do User (Browse and Click) Sessions Relate to Their Questions in a Domain-Specific Collection?. Aalberg, Trond; Christos, Papatheodorou; Milena, Dobreva; Giannis, Tsakonas; Charles J., Farrugia (Ed.). Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2013, Valetta, Malta, September 2013, Proceedings. p. 96-107. Springer.

Ådland, Marit Kristine; lykke, marianne (2012). Social tagging in support of cancer patients' information interaction. Widén, Gunilla; Holmberg, Kim (Ed.). Social Information Research. p. 101-128. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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