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Anne-Stine Ruud Husevåg

Anne-Stine Ruud Husevåg

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Library and information science   Information and communication systems   Knowledge retrieval and organisation

Subject areas

Information architecture   Information retrieval   Metadata   Knowledge organization   Named Entity Recognition   Indexing   Multimedia Retrieval

Administrative field of work

Web publishing   Digital learning resources   Continuing and further education   Web development   Chat

Scientific publications

Ådland, Marit Kristine ; Preminger, Michael ; Massey, David ; Hoff, Karoline ; Husevåg, Anne-Stine Ruud (2023). Subject Cataloging by Norwegian Cataloging Agencies. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.

Jørgensen, Fredrik; Aasmoe, Tobias; Husevåg, Anne-Stine Ruud ; Øvrelid, Lilja; Velldal, Erik (2020). NorNE: Annotating Named Entities for Norwegian. Calzolari, Nicoletta; Béchet, Frédéric; Blache, Philippe; Choukri, Khalid; Cieri, Christopher; Declerck, Thierry (Ed.). Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. p. 4547-4556. European Language Resources Association.

Husevåg, Anne-Stine Ruud (2018). From subtitles to substantial metadata: examining characteristics of named entities and their role in indexing. International Journal on Digital Libraries.

Husevåg, Anne-Stine Ruud (2016). Named entities in indexing: A case study of TV subtitles and metadata records. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol. 1676.

Tallerås, Kim ; Massey, David ; Husevåg, Anne-Stine Ruud ; Preminger, Michael ; Pharo, Nils (2014). Evaluating (linked) metadata transformations across cultural heritage domains. Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS).

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