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Nils Pharo

Nils Pharo


Areas of expertise: interactiv information retrieval, knowledge organization, scholarly communication, open science, open access

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Library and information science   Knowledge retrieval and organisation

Subject areas

Information architecture   Information retrieval   Open Access   Ontology   Information seeking behaviour   Open access   Knowledge organization   Open Access   Scholarly communication   Open Science   Open science

Research projects

Scientific publications

Kvale, Live; Pharo, Nils (2021). Understanding the Data Management Plan as a Boundary Object through a Multi-stakeholder perspective. International Journal of Digital Curation .

Bøyum, Idunn; Byström, Katriina; Pharo, Nils (2021). Is the reference desk used for reference interviews. Reference Services Review . Vol. 49.

Berget, Gerd; MacFarlane, Andrew; Pharo, Nils (2020). Modelling the information seeking and searching behaviour of users with impairments: Are existing models applicable?. Journal of Documentation . Vol. 77.

Borlund, Pia; Pharo, Nils (2019). A need for information on information needs. Information research . Vol. 24.

Byström, Katriina; Pharo, Nils (2019). Information artefacts. Byström, Katriina; Ruthven, Ian; Heinström, Jannica (Ed.). Information at Work - Information management in the workplace. 5. p. 103-126. Facet Publishing.

Bogers, Toine; Dodson, Samuel; Freund, Luanne; Gäde, Maria; Hall, Mark; Koolen, Marijn; Petras, Vivien; Pharo, Nils; Skov, Mette (2019). Overview of the CHIIR 2019Workshop on Barriers to Interactive IR Resources Re-use (BIIRRR 2019). CEUR Workshop Proceedings . Vol. 2337.

Pharo, Nils (2019). INEX iTrack Revisited: Exploring the Potential for Re-use. CEUR Workshop Proceedings . Vol. 2337.

Tallerås, Kim; Dahl, Jørn Helge B.; Pharo, Nils (2018). User conceptualizations of derivative relationships in the bibliographic universe. Journal of Documentation . Vol. 74.

Tallerås, Kim; Pharo, Nils (2017). Mediation machines: how principles from traditional knowledge organization have evolved into digital mediation systems. Information research . Vol. 22.

Søbak, Veslemøy D.B.; Pharo, Nils (2017). Decentralized subject indexing of television programs: The effects of using a semicontrolled indexing language. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology . Vol. 68.

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