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Gerd Berget

Gerd Berget


Berget’s research interests are within universal design, interactive information retrieval, human computer interaction and accessible literature. She has conducted several user studies, where the main purpose has been to understand the information searching behaviour of users and explore how to design better search user interfaces for people with cognitive variations. Examples of user groups involved in her studies are people with dyslexia and intellectual disabilities. She has also written several methodological papers on universal design, research methods and ethics. Literature for everyone is another field she has been engaged in. She has, among others, conducted several projects with the organization Books for Everyone.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Library and information science   Computer technology

Subject areas

Computers and dyslexia   Universal Design   Information seeking behaviour   Tilgjengelighet   Eye-tracking   Search systems   Interactive information retrieval   Inclusion for people with disabilities   Easy reading

Scientific publications

Frøyland, Kjetil ; Bull, Helen ; Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie ; Berget, Gerd ; Spjelkavik, Øystein ; Lystad, June (2024). Work inclusion of marginalised groups in a troubled city district – How can active labour market policies improve?. Social Policy & Administration.

Berget, Gerd (2024). Reorienting information searching research by applying a situated abilities perspective. 17 p. Information research. Vol. 29.

Berget, Gerd (2024). What is the role of public libraries and books in the everyday lives of adults with intellectual disability?. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science.

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Vase, Silja; Berget, Gerd (2023). An exploration of automatic speech Recognition within a Nordic context. Antona, Margherita; Stephanidis, Constantine (Ed.). Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction: 17th International Conference, UAHCI 2023 Held as Part of the 25th HCI International Conference, HCII 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark, July 23–28, 2023 Proceedings, Part I. p. 288-307. Springer.

Sitbon, Laurianne; Berget, Gerd ; Brereton, Margot (2023). Perspectives of Neurodiverse Participants in Interactive Information Retrieval. 119 p. Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval. Vol. 17.

Kvikne, Birgit ; Berget, Gerd (2022). "My words were completely gone." A qualitative study of the information seeking behaviour of people with aphasia. Information research. Vol. 27.

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Berget, Gerd (2021). Only as Special as Necessary: Adapted Books in a Universal Design Perspective. Verma, Ira (Ed.). Universal Design 2021: From Special to Mainstream Solutions. p. 183-198. IOS Press.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete