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Birgit Kvikne

Birgit Kvikne

Scientific publications

Berget, Gerd ; Kvikne, Birgit (2022). Making research more inclusive: Is universal design of research the answer?. Garofolo, Ilaria; Bencini, Giulia; Arenghi, Alberto (Ed.). Transforming our World through Universal Design for Human Development - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Universal Design (UD2022). p. 77-84. IOS Press.

Kvikne, Birgit ; Berget, Gerd (2022). "My words were completely gone." A qualitative study of the information seeking behaviour of people with aphasia. Information research. Vol. 27.

Kvikne, Birgit ; Berget, Gerd (2019). In search of trustworthy information: a qualitative study of the search behavior of people with dyslexia in Norway. 12 p. Universal Access in the Information Society. Vol. 21.

Kvikne, Birgit ; Berget, Gerd (2018). When Trustworthy Information Becomes Inaccessible: The Search Behaviour of Users with Dyslexia in an Online Encyclopedia. Craddock, Gerald; Doran, Cormac; McNutt, Larry; Rice, David (Ed.). Transforming our World Through Design, Diversity and Education: Proceedings of Universal Design and Higher Education in Transformation Congress 2018. p. 793-801. IOS Press. 10.3233/978-1-61499-923-2-793

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