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Maria Konow Lund

Maria Konow Lund

Scientific publications

Konow Lund, Maria (2020). Reconstructing investigative journalism at emerging organisations. The Journal of Media Innovations . Vol. 6.

Konow Lund, Maria (2020). Reconstruction of Investigative Journalism. The Journal of Media Innovations .

Konow Lund, Maria (2019). Negotiating Roles and Routines in Collaborative Investigative Journalism. Media and Communication . Vol. 7.

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Steensen, Steen; Frey, Elsebeth; Hornmoen, Harald; Ottosen, Rune; Konow Lund, Maria (2018). Social Media and Situation Awareness during Terrorist Attacks: Recommendations for Crisis Communication. Hornmoen, Harald; Backholm, Klas (Ed.). Social Media Use in Crisis and Risk Communication: Emergencies, Concerns and Awareness. Chapter 12. p. 277-295. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Konow Lund, Maria; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2018). Digital Innovation During Terror and Crises. Digital Journalism .

Konow Lund, Maria; Bech, Isabel; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2017). Work First, Feel Later: How News Workers Reflect on Subjective Choices During a Terror Attack. Fonn, Birgitte Kjos; Hornmoen, Harald; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad (Ed.). Putting a Face on it: Individual Exposure and Subjectivity in Journalism. chapter 13. p. 309-327. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Konow Lund, Maria; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2016). Social Media's Challenge to Journalistic Norms and Values during a Terror Attack. Digital Journalism . Vol. 5.

Konow Lund, Maria (2015). Entreprenørskap i redaksjonen - Slik ble VGTV til. Vaagan, Robert Wallace; Barland, Jens (Ed.). Entreprenørskap og ledelse i media. Kapittel 2. p. 41-61. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Konow Lund, Maria; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2015). When Routines are not Enough. Journalists’ crisis management during the 22/7 domestic terror attack in Norway. Journalism Practice . Vol. 10.

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