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Maria Konow Lund

Maria Konow Lund

Scientific publications

Konow Lund, Maria; Mtchedlidze, Junai; Barland, Jens (2022). Organizational and Occupational Innovation when Implementing a Covid-19 Live Tracker in VG Newsroom. 18 p. Journalism Practice.

Konow Lund, Maria; Høiby, Marte (2021). Female Investigative Journalists: Overcoming Threats, Intimidation, and Violence with Gendered Strategies. Journalism Practice.

Konow Lund, Maria; Eva-Karin, olsson (2021). Cross-Border Investigative Collaboration on the Surviving Stories. The Forbidden Stories. In E. Tandoc, J.Jenkins, R.J. Thomas and O.Westlund (Eds.) Critical Incidents in Journalism Pivotal Moments Reshaping Journalism Around the World. Routledge. Tandoc, Edson C.; Jenkins, Joy; Thomas, Ryan J.; Westlund, Oscar (Ed.). Critical Incidents in Journalism. Pivotal Moments Reshaping Journalism Around the World. Routledge.

Konow Lund, Maria (2020). Reconstructing investigative journalism at emerging organisations. The Journal of Media Innovations. Vol. 6.

Konow Lund, Maria (2019). Negotiating Roles and Routines in Collaborative Investigative Journalism. Media and Communication. Vol. 7.

Hellmueller, Lea; Konow Lund, Maria (2019). Transnational Journalism. Vos, Tim P.; Hanusch, Folker (Ed.). The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies. Wiley-Blackwell.

Konow Lund, Maria; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2018). Digital Innovation During Terror and Crises. Digital Journalism.

Steensen, Steen; Frey, Elsebeth; Hornmoen, Harald; Ottosen, Rune; Konow Lund, Maria (2018). Social Media and Situation Awareness during Terrorist Attacks: Recommendations for Crisis Communication. Hornmoen, Harald; Backholm, Klas (Ed.). Social Media Use in Crisis and Risk Communication: Emergencies, Concerns and Awareness . p. 277-295. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Konow Lund, Maria; Bech, Isabel; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2017). Work First, Feel Later: How News Workers Reflect on Subjective Choices During a Terror Attack. Fonn, Birgitte Kjos; Hornmoen, Harald; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad (Ed.). Putting a Face on it: Individual Exposure and Subjectivity in Journalism. p. 309-327. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Konow Lund, Maria; Olsson, Eva-Karin (2016). Social Media's Challenge to Journalistic Norms and Values during a Terror Attack. Digital Journalism. Vol. 5.

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