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Pavel Zemliansky

Pavel Zemliansky

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Rhetorics   Intercultural rhetoric   Online learning   Writing studies


Norway   Ukraine   USA

Scientific publications

Garrels, Veerle; Zemliansky, Pavel (2022). Improving Student Engagement in Online Courses through Interactive and User-Centered Course Design: Practical Strategies. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy . Vol. 2.

Zemliansky, Pavel (2021). Faculty Development Training in Online Instruction at a Norwegian University: An Experience Report. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication .

Rounsaville, Angela; Zemliansky, Pavel (2020). Sociomaterial Paradoxes in Global Academic Publishing: Academic Literacies at the Intersection of Practice and Policy. College English . Vol. 82.

Zemliansky, Pavel; Rice, Rich; Cleary, Yvonne; St. Amant, Kirk; Borgman, Jessie (2019). Perspectives on Teaching Writing Online in Global Contexts: Ideas, Insights, and Projections. Resarch in Online Literacy Education. Vol. 2.

Zemliansky, Pavel; Berry, Landon (2017). A Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Faculty Development Program: An Experience Report. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication . Vol. 60.

Zemliansky, Pavel; St.Amant, Kirk (2016). Rethinking Post-Soviet Rhetoric: Perspectives on Rhetoric and Writing in the Post-Soviet Space and the Eastern Bloc. ISBN: 1498523374. 254 p.

Zemliansky, Pavel; St.Amant, Kirk (2016). Rethinking Post-Communist Rhetoric: Perspectives on Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication in Post-Soviet Spaces. ISBN: 978-1498523370. 254 p. Lexington Books.

Zemliansky, Pavel; Saitta, Erin; Turner, Anna (2015). A Model for Program-Wide Assessment of the Effectiveness of Writing Instruction in Science Laboratory Courses. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching. Vol. 26.

Zemliansky, Pavel (2014). Expertise in Professional Communication as a Catalyst for WAC/WID Administration Success. Bridgeford, Tracy; Kitalong, Karla; Williamson, Bill (Ed.). Sharing Our Intellectual Traces: Narrative Reflections from Administrators of Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication Programs. Chapter 11. Baywood Publishing Company, Inc..

Zemliansky, Pavel; Zimmerman, Traci (2014). Workplace Realities Versus Romantic Views of Authorship, or Why Intellectual Property Issues Matter to the Pedagogy and Practice of Technical Communicators. St.Amant, Kirk; Courant Rife, Martine (Ed.). Legal Issues in Global Contexts. Chapter 8. Routledge.

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