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Tom Muir

Tom Muir

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English literature   EAP English for academic purposes

Scientific publications

Muir, Tom ; Solli, Kristin (2022). "And Thou Shall Find your Path": The Manifesto in Doctoral Writing Development. Journal of Academic Writing. Vol. 12.

Muir, Tom (2022). And be but cryonically extant: Don DeLillo and Sir Thomas Browne. 21 p. Textual Practice. Vol. 37.

Solli, Kristin ; Muir, Tom (2021). EAP Pedagogies for Doctoral Students in Professional Fields. MacDiarmid, Carole; MacDonald, Jennifer J. (Ed.). Pedagogies in English for Academic Purposes: Teaching and Learning in International Contexts. p. 59-74. Bloomsbury Academic.

Muir, Tom ; Solli, Kristin (2019). The Unreal and the Real: English for Research Purposes in Norway. Corcoran, James N.; Englander, Karen; Muresan, Laura-Mihaela (Ed.). Pedagogies and Policies for Publishing Research in English: Local Initiatives Supporting International Scholars. Routledge.

Muir, Tom (2018). Writing and Risk: Magic, Occult, Exorcisms. Journal of Academic Writing. Vol. 8.

Muir, Tom (2017). Three Views of a Secret: The "Mønsterlig". Kvinder, Køn og Forskning. Vol. 26.

Muir, Tom (2010). Without Remainder: Ruins and Tombs in Shakespeare's Sonnets. Textual Practice. Vol. 24.

Muir, Tom (2010). Spectres of Spenser: Translating the Antiquitez. Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual. Vol. 25.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete