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Kristin Solli

Kristin Solli

Scientific publications

Vestby, Stian; Solli, Kristin (2023). Fra cowboy til nordicana: 70 år med countrymusikk i Norge. Studia Musicologica Norvegica. Vol. 49.

Johansen, Gerd; Solli, Kristin (2022). The hidden curriculum of temporal organization: an empirical comparison of classroom and workshop practices. Journal of Curriculum Studies. Vol. 54.

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Solli, Kristin; Nygaard, Lynn Parker (2022). The doctorate in pieces: a scoping review of research on the PhD thesis by publication. 16 p. Higher Education Research and Development.

Solli, Kristin; Muir, Tom (2021). EAP Pedagogies for Doctoral Students in Professional Fields. MacDiarmid, Carole; MacDonald, Jennifer J. (Ed.). Pedagogies in English for Academic Purposes: Teaching and Learning in International Contexts. p. 59-74. Bloomsbury Academic.

Solli, Kristin; Ødemark, Ingjerd Legreid (2019). Multilingual Research Writing beyond English: The Case of Norwegian Academic Discourse in an Era of Multilingual Publication Practices. 27 p. Publications. Vol. 7.

Muir, Tom; Solli, Kristin (2019). The Unreal and the Real: English for Research Purposes in Norway. Corcoran, James N.; Englander, Karen; Muresan, Laura-Mihaela (Ed.). Pedagogies and Policies for Publishing Research in English: Local Initiatives Supporting International Scholars. Routledge.

Solli, Kristin (2017). Tales of the West: "Americanization" in an Era of "Europeanization". Dominguez, Virginia R.; Desmond, Jane C. (Ed.). Global Perspectives on the United States: Pro-Americanism, Anti-Americanism, and the Discourses Between. p. 217-238. University of Illinois Press.

Luthen, Geir Sverre; Klevenberg, Bente; Solli, Kristin; Strangstadstuen, Solveig (2016). The writing buddy scheme at two teacher education institutions - (how) does it work?. Livingston, Kay; Macfarlane, Gaele (Ed.). Teacher education through partnerships and collaborative learning communities. Proceedings of the 40th annual ATEE Conference. Glasgow 2015. p. 248-260. ATEE - Association for Teacher Education in Europe.

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