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Camilla Holm Soelseth

Camilla Holm Soelseth


Current and ongoing PhD project: Researching the phenomenon of instapoetry from a media ecological perspective, and in combination with digital methods from the digital humanities. Here, instapoetry is an example of the effects digitalization and social media have had on the production, distribution, and consumption of cultural expressions. I am particularly interested in the logistics and maintenance of distributional processes.

Keywords: Instagram, media ecologies, digital culture, Instagram, Twitter, digital methods, digital humanities, digital communication, social media, digital/electronic literature and fiction, networks, media theory, media infrastructures, posthumanism, the civic imagination (Jenkins), and dissemination of culture.

Side-interests: TikTok (BookTok), games studies, sci-fi and fantasy

Scientific publications

Holm Soelseth, Camilla (2022). When is a Poet an Instapoet? : The effect of platformization on the practice of being a poet, and instapoets as examples of poetry content creators in the Social Media Entertainment ecosystem. Baltic Screen Media Review . Vol. 10.

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