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Pia Borlund

Pia Borlund

Scientific publications

Thøgersen, Jennifer Lea; Borlund, Pia (2021). Researcher attitudes toward data sharing in public data repositories: a meta-evaluation of studies on researcher data sharing. 17 p. Journal of Documentation .

Sødring, Thomas; Borlund, Pia; Helfert, Markus (2020). The migration and preservation of six Norwegian municipality record-keeping systems: Lessons learned. 11 p. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology .

Kern, Dagmar; Heinert, Daniel; Dingler, Tilman; Angerbauer, Katrin; Borlund, Pia (2019). Lessons Learned from Users Reading Highlighted Abstracts in a Digital Library. Azzopardi, Leif; Halvey, Martin; Ruthven, Ian (Ed.). Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval. Research Article. p. 271-275. ACM Publications.

Borlund, Pia; Ruthven, Ian (2019). Information need : introduction to the special issue. Information Processing & Management . Vol. 57.

Borlund, Pia; Pharo, Nils (2019). A need for information on information needs. Information research . Vol. 24.

Borlund, Pia; Bogers, Toine (2018). Injecting Realism into Simulated Work Tasks: A Case Study of the Book Domain. Freund, Luanne (Ed.). PROCEEDINGS of the ASIS&T 81st annual meeting. Short Papers. p. 759-761. John Wiley & Sons.

Hertzum, Morten; Borlund, Pia (2017). Music Questions in Social Q&A: An Analysis of Yahoo! Answers. Journal of Documentation . Vol. 73.

Clemmensen, Melanie Landvad; Borlund, Pia (2016). Order effect in interactive information retrieval evaluation: an empirical study. Journal of Documentation . Vol. 72.

Borlund, Pia (2016). Interactive Information Retrieval in the Work Context: the Challenge of Evaluation. Journal of library and information science. Vol. 42.

Borlund, Pia (2016). Framing of different types of information needs within simulated work task situations: An empirical study in the school context. Journal of information science . Vol. 42.

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