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Center for Urban Equality Research, Oslo (CURE Oslo)

CURE Oslo is a research initiative at OsloMet aimed at enhancing the production and dissemination of research on social inequality in Oslo.

Knowledge on how social inequality manifests itself in Oslo and how it impacts the lives of its residents is of great importance. Through its knowledge production, CURE Oslo seeks to increase public awareness of the social inequalities that affect both the city's youth in particular, but also all other residents more generally.

Through collaboration between researchers and other stakeholders, CURE Oslo aims to contribute to a knowledge base that enables urban development, business activities, service provision, and policy measures to promote equality of life chances.

Cure Oslo will provide relevant knowledge in both Norwegian and English. In addition to fostering dialogue in both the Norwegian public sphere and the international research community, we aim to produce research and literature relevant to educations where the graduates will enter a workforce that daily are directly impacted by the consequences of exclusion and inequality.

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