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Michael Yisfashewa Wondemu

Michael Yisfashewa Wondemu


Michael Yisfashewa Wondemu is a PhD candidate in the section for health and welfare research at NOVA —and affiliated with the project BUDGET. He has a master’s degree in peace and security from Addis Ababa University (2015), master’s in Comparative and international education from the University of Oslo (2017) and he graduated from a master’s program in International Social Welfare and Health Policy at OsloMet (2020), where he conducted a quantitative cross-sectional study using Ungdata.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Wondemu, Michael Yisfashewa ; Hermansen, Åsmund ; Joranger, Pål ; Brekke, Idunn (2024). Sickness absence among mothers caring for a child with disability: Examining the impact of mechanical and psychosocial occupational exposures. SSM - Population Health. Vol. 25.

Wondemu, Michael Yisfashewa ; Joranger, Pål ; Hermansen, Åsmund ; Brekke, Idunn (2022). Impact of child disability on parental employment and labour income: a quasi-experimental study of parents of children with disabilities in Norway. 11 p. BMC Public Health. Vol. 22.

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