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Maren Svendsen Folkvord

Maren Svendsen Folkvord


Maren Svendsen Folkvord is a research assistant in the childhood, family and child welfare section at NOVA. She holds a master's degree in sociology from the University of Oslo (2021). The master's thesis is about differences in digital and bodily interaction between people, as well as the creation and feeling of community and intimacy. Folkvord's research interests include children and youth, digital communication, social media, school and education, body and emotions, community, belonging, inclusion, and integration. She is currently working on the international EUHorizon project KIDS4ALLL (key inclusive development strategies for lifelong learning), which deals with children and young people's migration challenges, as well as inclusion and integration in education. In addition, she is working on the research project Long-term consequences of the corona pandemic (Langtidskonsekvenser av koronapandemien), where the focus is on how we as a society can ensure vulnerable groups during and after crises.

Publications and research


Bell, Justyna; Huang, Lihong; Folkvord, Maren Svendsen (2022). KIDS4ALLL. Ungdata Konferanse. OsloMet .

Folkvord, Maren Svendsen (2021). Fra interaksjon til mediering – Hva betyr kroppslig nærhet for oss mennesker og hvordan påvirker sosiale medier våre kollektive liv?. 114 p. Universitetet i Oslo.

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