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Key Inclusive Development Strategies for Life-Long Learning (KIDS4ALLL)

KIDS4ALLL aims to pilot an innovative action that will experiment a learning method and learning environment in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts to address the integration challenges of migrant children.

OsloMet is a consortium partner in the KIDS4ALL project. KIDS4ALLL has been granted as Innovation Action in the frame of the Horizon2020 Work Program SC6 entitled ‘Europe in a Changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ and with particular reference to integration challenges of migrant children in educational contexts. It aims to strengthen and valorise transcultural, interdisciplinary skill sets in a highly diversified learner population, that increasingly corroborates the actual necessity for lifelong learning.

The project objective is to guide integration processes of (migrant, but also non-migrant) children in educational and societal contexts by promoting competences as a reciprocal set of knowledge (acquisition), skills (training) and attitudes (transfer) that enable the target groups to enter into dialogue (collaboration) and to tap the full potential of lifelong and life-wide learning (LLL).

The research question is: “How can we best support learning and integration of newly arrived children through facilitating peer-to-peer learning in form of buddyship collaboration?” 

The KIDS4ALLL learning method uses a 3-phase learning path, that envisages firstly theoretical knowledge acquisition, followed by secondly a skills training on how to transmit the learned to peers, and thirdly a co-creation phase where the pilot participants will produce their own learning contents to consolidate and transfer competences.

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Film: Lifelong Learning and the recommended 8 key competences

A video pill has been produced on occasion of the International Day of Education on January 24, 2022 and aims to briefly illustrate the development of the Lifelong Learning concept as 21st century educational paradigm that is corroborated by its 8 LLL key competences.

This brief and easy learning unit has been realized for everybody who is interested to learn more about LLL, especially however for students in Higher Education.

Watch the video (

  • The consortium

    The KIDS4ALLL consortium, is represented by the University of Turin, Italy as grant holding institution, led by Professor Roberta Ricucci. 

    The consortium includes partners and stakeholders from a total of 17 EU and non-European countries that span over 3 continents. It has been composed according to three main criteria, which is the partner’s awareness for the topic, curiosity and research interest and finally a thorough expertise in the field.

  • Participants at OsloMet

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    • Participating institutions

      • University of Turin (Coordinator) – Italy
      • Oslo Metropolitan University – Norway
      • Tarki Social Research Institute – Hungary
      • Sirius – Policy Network on Migrant Education – Belgium
      •  Koç University – Turkey
      • University of Peloponnese – Greece
      • University of Jena – Germany
      • University of Barcelona – Spain
      • University of Padua – Italy
      • INDIRE - National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research – Italy
      • Levinsky College of Education – Israel
      • Ars Media Srl – Italy
      • Institute for Education – Malta
      • Foundation for Access to Rights – Bulgary
      • University of Girona – Spain