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Justyna Bell

Justyna Bell

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Social sciences

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Migration   Welfare state   Public health   Poland

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Scientific publications

Trąbka, Agnieszka; Pustułka, Paula; Bell, Justyna (2024). Making Sense of Data Interrelations in Qualitative Longitudinal and Multi-Perspective Analysis. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung. Vol. 25.

Bell, Justyna ; Staver, Anne Balke ; Tolgensbakk, Ida (2023). State crisis response versus transnational family living: An online ethnography among transnational families during the pandemic. 17 p. Migration Studies. Vol. 11.

Bell, Justyna ; Staver, Anne Balke ; Tolgensbakk, Ida (2023). “I am torn to pieces” Transnational citizenship and COVID-19. Takle, Marianne; Vedeler, Janikke Solstad; Schoyen, Mi Ah; Bøhler, Kjetil Klette; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (Ed.). Citizenship and Social Exclusion at the Margins of the Welfare State. p. 162-174. Routledge.

Patel, Kishan; Bosqui, Tania; Kouvonen, Anne; Donnelly, Michael; Väänänen, Ari; Bell, Justyna ; O’Reilly, Dermot (2020). Unmet need for mental health medication within the migrant population of Northern Ireland: a record linkage study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Bell, Justyna ; Trąbka, Agnieszka; Pustulka, Paula (2020). Ethics of relational and representational disclosures in qualitative migration research. 12 p. Qualitative Research Journal.

Heggebø, Kristian ; Bell, Justyna ; Tolgensbakk, Ida; Elstad, Jon Ivar (2019). «Crowded out»? Relative forskjeller og relativt store tolkningsproblemer. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning. Vol. 60.

Pustulka, Paula; Bell, Justyna ; Trabka, Agnieszka (2019). Questionable Insiders: Changing Positionalities of Interviewers throughout Stages of Migration Research. Field Methods. Vol. 31.

Struzik, Justyna; Bell, Justyna ; Slusarczyk, Magdalena; Pustulka, Paula (2018). Handling Ambivalence. Transnational Health Practices and Migrant Evaluations of Health Services. Struzik, Justyna; Pustulka, Paula; Slusarczyk, Magdalena (Ed.). Contemporary Migrant Families Actors and Issues . p. 48-73. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Bell, Justyna ; Domecka, Markieta (2018). The transformative potential of migration: Polish migrants’ everyday life experiences in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 16 p. Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography. Vol. 25.

Muellmann, Saskia; Steenbock, Berit; De Cocker, Katrien; De Craemer, Marieke; Hayes, Catherine; O’Shea, Miriam; Horodyska, Karolina; Bell, Justyna ; Luszczynska, Aleksandra; Roos, Gun ; Langøien, Lars Jørun; Rugseth, Gro; Terragni, Laura ; De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse; Brug, Johannes; Pischke, Claudia (2017). Views of policy makers and Health promotion professionals on factors facilitating implementation and maintenance of interventions and policies promoting physical activity and healthy eating: results of the DEDIPAC project. 17 p. BMC Public Health. Vol. 17.

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