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Childhood, Family and Child Welfare

What characterises a good childhood and which conditions are necessary for growing up in a safe and adequate environment? Which roles do the family and the state, respectively, play in children's lives? Such questions form the starting point for our research on children, families and child welfare.

At NOVA’s interdisciplinary department for research on childhood, family, and child welfare we direct attention to the welfare services’ and judiciary system’s relevance to the rights and needs of children, as well as to a diversity of family expectations and environments. Our research topics include the child welfare services, children and families from minority and majority backgrounds, children with disabilities, and circumstances of domestic violence. 

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Parents arguing in the background. Sad boy sitting at table listening.
Five measures that can prevent violence against children

Less severe violence against children and young people is declining, whereas severe forms of violence remain stable. According to OsloMet researchers, there are five measures that can reduce severe violence.