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Alida Skiple

Alida Skiple


Skiple is a Senior Researcher at NOVA, the Department for Research on Childhood, Family and Child Welfare. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oslo (2020) and a MA in Cultural Studies from the University of South-Eastern Norway (2012). Her PhD was about preventing extreme nationalism in Sweden and is based on an ethnographic case study. The MA was about the debate concerning the Danish Muhammed drawings. Common to the two topics is the relationship between democracy and extremism, freedom of speech and social inequality.

Skiple is particularly interested in children’s rights, youth at risk of marginalization and their experience with the welfare state. She works with participant observation, interviews and discourse analysis, and she is concerned about co-creating processes and applied science.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Cultural studies   Religious studies, history of religion   Sociology

Subject areas

Child care   Right-wing extremism   Prevention   Integration   Civil protection and crisis management   Emergency preparedness

Research projects

Scientific publications

Skiple, Alida (2020). The Importance of Significant Others in Preventing Extremism: The Philosophy and Practice of the Swedish Tolerance Project. Young - Nordic Journal of Youth Research . Vol. 28.

Skiple, Alida (2018). Youth Delinquency or Everyday Racism? Front-line Professionals’ Perspectives on Preventing Racism and Intolerance in Sweden. Journal for Deradicalization .

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