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Lena Magnusson Turner

Lena Magnusson Turner


Lena Magnusson Turner is a professor in urban and social geography. Her research focuses on residential mobility and life course, segregation and housing choice, geography, social justice, and urban and housing models. She completed her Ph.D. thesis in social and economic geography at Uppsala University, Sweden, about residential vacancy chain. Later she has been involved in research on housing careers and economic progress for immigrants, housing preferences, social inequality and poverty, household mobility on tight housing markets, gentrification and residualisation on the housing market. Lena Magnusson Turner is a member of the ENHR Coordination Committee. Since 2010, she works at NOVA, and Oslo University. At present she leads the research project ”A fair chance? How geography shapes life opportunities” financed by the Research Council of Norway. The opportunity to move up the socioeconomic ladder is a key matter for combating poverty and reducing inequality. This is the premise for the project, to which an increasingly relevant dimension is added, namely: “How does the spatial context in which people live during different stages of their lives shape their life prospects and socioeconomic outcomes?”.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Demography   Human geography

Subject areas

Quanitative research methods   Housing market   Demography   Social inequalities   Urban studies   Cultural geography   Urban governance

Research projects

Scientific publications

Santiago, Anna Maria; Galster, George; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2024). Heterogeneous neighbourhood effects on the educational attainments of native Norwegian and immigrant-descendant female and male young adults. Urban Studies.

Galster, George; Magnusson Turner, Lena ; Santiago, Anna Maria (2022). Decomposing educational disparities between immigrants and natives in Oslo: how gender, parents, and place matter. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

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Ugreninov, Elisabeth ; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2021). Next to Nothing: The Impact of the Norwegian Introduction Programme on Female Immigrants’ Labour Market Inclusion. 21 p. Journal of Social Policy.

Galster, George; Magnusson Turner, Lena ; Santiago, Anna Maria (2021). Neighbourhood selection by natives and immigrants: Homophily or limited spatial search?. Housing Studies.

Wessel, Terje; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2020). The migration pathway to economic mobility: Does gender matter?. 16 p. Population, Space and Place.

Magnusson Turner, Lena ; Östh, John (2020). Trap or opportunity—What role does geography play in the use of cash for childcare?. 15 p. Population, Space and Place.

Sørvoll, Jardar ; Nordvik, Viggo; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2020). Bostedssegregasjon og politiske strategier. Erfaringer fra Norge og Oslo. Samfundsøkonomen. Vol. 38.

Magnusson Turner, Lena ; Wessel, Terje (2019). Housing market filtering in the Oslo region:pro-market housing policies in a Nordic welfare state context. 26 p. International journal of housing policy.

Galster, George; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2019). Status Aversion, Attraction and Discrepancy as Drivers of Neighborhood Selection. City & Community.

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