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Possible consequences of moving patterns for people who have been granted a start-up loan in Oslo municipality

The project examines who the initial loan recipients were and are in Oslo, and what the consequences of selective relocation are for districts and sub-districts in Oslo.

The project will answer the following research questions:

We will primarily use register data to study the extent and effects of selective mobility and the potential contribution of the start-up loan recipients to the deterioration of living conditions at district or sub-district level. 

Such data also make it possible to study what characterizes start-up loan recipients' socio-economic profile, etc. and whether their socio-economic status (income, education, labor market participation, social security enrollment, etc.) has changed over time.

In designing and analyzing a survey, the purpose is to obtain information and perspectives that cannot be revealed through administrative register data. This applies, for example, to the start-up loan recipients' ambitions, degree of initiative, propensity to take risks, needs, preferences, subjective experience of their own housing and neighborhood quality before and after the establishment of the start-up loan, etc.