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Maja Flåto

Maja Flåto

Research projects

Scientific publications

Flåto, Maja (2023). Hjem eller bolig? Kategoriers betydning for kunnskapsutvikling om bostedsløshet. 11 p. Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research. Vol. 8.

Flåto, Maja (2022). What They Talk about When They Talk about Homelessness: Discourse and Knowledge Culture as a Barrier to Integrated Policy Initiatives. Journal of Social Policy.

Flåto, Maja (2020). Constructing a Policy Field Aimed at Homelessness: How Epistemic Communities Shape Discourse. Housing, Theory and Society.

Flåto, Maja ; Johannessen, Katja (2010). Economic Strategies among Long-Term Homeless People: The concept of Harvesting Economy. European Journal of Homelessness. Vol. 4.

Flåto, Maja ; Johansen, Nicolay B (2008). Mot en sosiologisk forståelse av avhengighet. Sosiologi i dag. Vol. 38.

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