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The importance of students for the rental market in the cities and study centers for the access to housing for different groups

The purpose of the project is to examine in more detail the importance of students to the rental market in general, and in particular to the rental market for disadvantaged groups.

The project combines a theoretical framework with analyzes of quantitative material and the acquisition of qualitative material through in-depth interviews.

Analyzes of quantitative data will provide a systematic overview of the rental market in municipalities with many students. Furthermore, interviews with actors in the rental market who represent landlords (municipal, private and student organisations) and tenants (students and disadvantaged households) will provide better insight into the connection between the rental market in general, students' use of the rental market and how and to what extent students compete with disadvantaged households on the rental market.

By combining theoretical perspectives, rich quantitative data and in-depth interviews in this way, we will get a nuanced description of the students' importance for the offer to the disadvantaged on the rental market.

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