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Survey of old peoples' living situation and housing preferences for the future

The project investigates the housing situation of the elderly and their housing wishes and plans for the future.

The purpose of the project is to obtain knowledge about how residents living at home who are 75 years or older live today, how they want to live, how they plan for the future and what initiatives they have taken to facilitate a good housing situation for old age.  

A key challenge in the project is to obtain data that provide a representative picture of residents living at home who have reached the age of 75 and older. This part of the population is typically excluded from previous studies of old peoples' housing situation.

In this project, a representative survey will therefore be conducted  in the target group, using a combination of digital and postal invitations. Focus group interviews are used to complement and gain a broader understanding of the survey responses. 

The following three main research questions have been formulated for the study:  

The project is one of several research projects that touch on the topic of the elderly and housing, led by the Section for Age Research and Housing Studies at Norwegian Social Research NOVA in recent years. 

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