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Kristin Aarland

Kristin Aarland

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Housing   Urban studies   Social housing   Housing economics   Program evaluation

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Scientific publications

Aarland, Kristin; Reid, Carolina K. (2023). The impact of refinancing on housing outcomes among lower-income households. European Journal of Housing Policy .

Aarland, Kristin; Santiago, Anna Maria (2023). Serious Mortgage Arrears among Immigrant Descendant and Native Participants in a Low-Income Public Starter Mortgage Program: Evidence from Norway. Societies . Vol. 13.

Nordvik, Viggo; Aarland, Kristin (2022). On the Inadequacy of Economics for Understanding Housing Markets–A Pragmatic Response. Housing, Theory and Society . Vol. 39.

Aarland, Kristin; Santiago, Anna Maria; Galster, George; Nordvik, Viggo (2021). Childhood Housing Tenure and Young Adult Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Sibling Comparisons in Norway. 23 p. Journal of Housing Economics . Vol. 54.

Aarland, Kristin; Reid, Carolina (2018). Homeownership and residential stability: does tenure really make a difference?. International journal of housing policy . Vol. 19.

Aarland, Kristin; Osland, Liv Aileen; Gjestland, Arnstein (2017). Do area-based intervention programs affect house prices? A quasi-experimental approach. Journal of Housing Economics . Vol. 37.

Aarland, Kristin; Suomenrinne-Nordvik, Viggo (2010). Eierlinjen i norsk boligpolitikk - tar boligeiere på seg for stor risiko?. Økonomi & politik . Vol. 4.

Aarland, Kristin; Nordvik, Viggo (2009). On the Path to Homeownership: Money, Family Composition and Low-income Households. Housing Studies . Vol. 24.

Aarland, Kristin; Davis, James C.; Henderson, J. Vernon; Ono, Yukako (2007). Spatial Organization of Firms: The Decision to Split Production and Administration. RAND Journal of Economics . Vol. 38.

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