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Marit Ekne Ruud

Marit Ekne Ruud

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Folklore studies, ethnology

Subject areas

Housing   Town development   Childhood and youth   Participation   Social housing   Community

Scientific publications

Ruud, Marit Ekne (2012). Områdeløft - bidrag til utjevning av boforhold og levekår?. Nordahl, Berit Irene (Ed.). Boligmarked og boligpolitikk. p. 299-316. Akademika forlag.

Søholt, Susanne ; Ruud, Marit Ekne ; Braathen, Einar (2012). A question of social sustainability: Urban interventions in critical neighbourhoods in Portugal and Norway. Urban Research and Practice. Vol. 5.

Sæter, Oddrun; Ruud, Marit Ekne (2007). The politics of signs and space. On commodification of culture and socio-spatial changes. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift.

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