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Anders Eika

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Gu, Yiquan; Lord, Alexander; Eika, Anders ; Dethier, Perrine; Samsura, Datuk Ary Adriansyah; Nordahl, Berit Irene ; Sommervoll, Dag Einar; van der Krabben, Erwin; Halleux, Jean-Marie (2021). Fair shares? Advancing land economics through cooperative game theory. Land Use Policy. Vol. 106.

Eika, Anders (2019). Urban development and cooperation games. Journal of Property Research. Vol. 36.

Li, Keyang; Dethier, Perrine; Eika, Anders ; Samsura, D Ary A; van der Krabben, Erwin; Nordahl, Berit Irene ; Halleux, Jean-Marie (2019). Measuring and comparing planning cultures: risk, trust and co-operative attitudes in experimental games. European Planning Studies.

Nordahl, Berit Irene ; Eika, Anders (2017). Urban Redevelopment and the (Mixed) Blessing of Multiple Ownership. Hepperle, Erwin; Dixon-Gough, Robert W.; Mansberger, Reinfried; Paulsson, Jenny; Henrik, Jozef; Kalbro, Thomas (Ed.). Land Ownership and Land Use Development. The Integration of Past, Present, and Future in Spatial Planning and Land Management Policies. p. 89-105. vdf Hochschulverlag AG an der ETH Zürich.

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