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Gro Sandkjær Hanssen

Gro Sandkjær Hanssen

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Scientific publications

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Knapskog, Marianne (2022). Tettstedspakker som samordnings- og samskapingsmodell. Kart og Plan. Vol. 115.

Tønnesen, Anders; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Hansen, Karsten Bruun; Valencia, Sandra C. (2022). Integrative climate leadership in multi-level policy packages for urban mobility - A study of governance systems in two Nordic urban regions. 8 p. Transport Policy. Vol. 128.

Nilssen, Maja; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (2022). Institutional innovation for more involving urban transformations: Comparing Danish and Dutch experience. 10 p. Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning. Vol. 131.

Hofstad, Hege; Vedeld, Trond; Agger, Annika; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Tønnesen, Anders; Valencia, Sandra (2022). Cities as public agents: A typology of co-creational leadership for urban climate transformation. Earth System Governance. Vol. 13.

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Tønnesen, Anders (2021). Core-city climate leadership in metropolitan contractual management agreements. European Planning Studies. Vol. 30.

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (2021). Becoming urban: the emergence of an urban policy in rural Norway. Zimmermann, Karsten; Fedeli, Valeria (Ed.). A Modern Guide to National Urban Policies in Europe. p. 127-148. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Vedeld, Trond; Hofstad, Hege; Hilde, Solli; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (2021). Polycentric urban climate governance: Creating synergies between integrative and interactive governance in Oslo. 14 p. Environmental Policy and Governance. Vol. February.

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (2021). Urban public space and freedom of speech. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning. Vol. 62.

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Millstein, Marianne (2021). Introduksjon: Demokratiske byrom?. Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Millstein, Marianne (Ed.). Demokratiske byrom. p. 13-25. Universitetsforlaget.

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Millstein, Marianne (2021). Demokratiske byromsprosesser. Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Millstein, Marianne (Ed.). Demokratiske byrom. p. 64-72. Universitetsforlaget.

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