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Hege Hofstad

Hege Hofstad


My research centers around governance and co-creation between public authorities at local, regional and national level, organized civil society, various types of business actors, and knowledge institutions to develop and implement overarching and long-term goals such as public health, climate change and sustainability. I study how such processes play out at the local level - in local community development, community and spatial planning or in specific political decision-making processes. Leadership is a special interest.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Public and private administration   Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Leadership   Social inequalities   Climate   Sustainable urban development   Public Health   Lokalsamfunnsutvikling   Co-production


The Nordic Countries


Denmark   Norway   Sweden   South Africa   India

Research projects

Scientific publications

Mouratidis, Konstantinos; Hofstad, Hege ; Zeiner, Hilde Hatleskog ; Sagen, Stine Busborg; Dahl, Christel; Følling, Kjersti Eline; Olsen, Bent Olav (2024). Assessing urban social sustainability with the Place Standard Tool: Measurement, findings, and guidance. Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning. Vol. 148.

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Hofstad, Hege ; Vedeld, Trond (2021). Exploring city climate leadership in theory and practice: responding to the polycentric challenge. 13 p. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

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Hofstad, Hege ; Sørensen, Eva; Torfing, Jacob; Vedeld, Trond (2021). Leading co-creation for the green shift. Public Money & Management. Vol. 43.

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