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Trond Vedeld

Trond Vedeld

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Governance   Urban governance   Klimaendringer


Africa   Southern Asia


India   Norway   South Africa

Scientific publications

Vedeld, Trond; Hofstad, Hege; Mathur, Mihir; Büker, Patrick; Stordal, Frode (2020). Reaching out? Governing weather and climate services (WCS) for farmers. Environmental Science and Policy . Vol. 104.

Vedeld, Trond; Mathur, Mihir; Bharti, Neha (2019). How can co-creation improve the engagement of farmers in weather and climate services (WCS) in India. Climate Services .

Herslund, Lise Byskov; Jalayer, Fatemeh; Jean-Baptiste, Nathalie; Jørgensen, Gertrud; Kabisch, Sigrun; Kombe, Wilbard; Lindley, Sarah; Nyed, Patrik Karlsson; Pauleit, Stephan; Printz, Andreas; Vedeld, Trond (2016). A multi-dimensional assessment of urban vulnerability to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa. Natural Hazards . Vol. 82.

Vedeld, Trond; Coly, Adrien; Ndour, Ndeye Mareme; Hellevik, Siri Bjerkreim (2015). Climate adaptation at what scale? Multi-level governance, resilience, and coproduction in Saint Louis, Senegal. 27 p. Natural Hazards .

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