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Marianne Millstein

Marianne Millstein

Fields of study

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Human geography

Subject areas

Democratisation   Town development   Citizenship   Political Participation   Local politics   Sustainable urban development   Civil Society   Local government and democracy   Social and political movements   Governance   Development research


Southern Africa


Brazil   Norway   South Africa

Research projects

Scientific publications

Hofstad, Hege; Millstein, Marianne; Tønnesen, Anders; Vedeld, Trond; Hansen, Karsten Bruun (2021). The role of goal-setting in urban climate governance. Earth System Governance . Vol. 7.

Millstein, Marianne (2020). ‘If I Had My House, I’d Feel Free’: Housing and the (Re)Productions of Citizenship in Cape Town, South Africa. Urban Forum . Vol. 31.

Hammar, Amanda; Millstein, Marianne (2020). Juxtacity: an Approach to Urban Difference, Divide, Authority, and Citizenship. Urban Forum . Vol. 31.

Refstie, Hilde; Millstein, Marianne (2019). Does Participatory Planning Promise Too Much? Global Discourses and the Glass Ceiling of Participation in Urban Malawi. Planning Theory & Practice . Vol. 20.

Millstein, Marianne (2017). Rights, identities and belonging: Reflections on the everyday politics of urban citizenship in Delft, Cape Town. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift . Vol. 71.

Kontinen, Tiina; Millstein, Marianne (2017). Rethinking Civil Society in Development: Scales and Situated Hegemonies. Forum for Development Studies . Vol. 44.

Teppo, Annika; Millstein, Marianne (2015). The Place of gentrification in Cape Town. Lees, Loretta; Shin, Hyun Bang; Lópes-Morales, Ernesto (Ed.). Global gentrifications. Uneven Development and displacement.. 21. p. 419-440. Policy Press.

Millstein, Marianne (2014). Information and the mediations of power in Delft, Cape Town. Nordic Journal of African Studies . Vol. 23.

Millstein, Marianne (2013). The State of Urban Agendas in Norwegian Development Research and Policy. Forum for Development Studies . Vol. 40.

Millstein, Marianne; Jordhus-Lier, David Christoffer (2012). Making communities work? Casual labour practices and local civil society dynamics in Delft, Cape Town. Journal of Southern African Studies . Vol. 38.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete