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Marit Haug

Marit Haug

Research projects

Scientific publications

Haug, Marit; Aasland, Aadne; Aasen, Berit (2019). Attitudes Towards Women’s Participation in Local Politics in South Asia. Forum for Development Studies .

Haug, Marit; Aasland, Aadne (2016). Exploring Dimensions of Women's Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal. Forum for Development Studies . Vol. 43.

Aasland, Aadne; Haug, Marit (2011). Perceptions of Social Change in Nepal: Are Caste, Ethnicity, and Region of Relevance?. Journal of Asian and African Studies . Vol. 46.

Haug, Marit; Aasland, Aadne (2009). A Review of the Academic and Policy Debate on "Social Exclusion" in Europe and its Relevance to Nepal. Contributions to Nepalese Studies. Vol. 36.

Haug, Marit; Aasland, Aadne; Dahal, Dilli Ram (2009). Patterns of socio-political participation in Nepal and implications for social inclusion. Forum for Development Studies . Vol. 36.

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