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Jørn Holm-Hansen

Jørn Holm-Hansen


Dr. Jørn Holm-Hansen is a scientist and senior researcher/research professor. His main academic field of work is politics and public administration in East and Central European states, notably Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Holm-Hansen is also conducting applied research, mainly evaluations of development aid and democracy support.
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Comparative politics


Lithuania   Poland   Russia   Slovakia   Ukraine   Bosnia and Herzegovina

Research projects

Scientific publications

Holm-Hansen, Jørn ; Aasland, Aadne (2024). "Cross-Border Cooperation Against the Odds? Russian and Norwegian Grassroots Organizations in a Changed Geopolitical Environment". Journal of Northern Studies. Vol. 16.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2023). Norsk russlandspolitikk under Søreide. 10 p. Internasjonal Politikk. Vol. 81.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2023). "Den belarusiske autoritarismens seiglivethet og debatten om lokalforvaltningen". Nordisk Østforum. Vol. 37.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2023). "Eurasianisme som legitimering av en russisk innflytelsessfære". Vardøger. Vol. 40.

Myhre, Marthe Handå ; Aasland, Aadne ; Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2022). ‘Crimea will forever be Russian’: dissenting Norwegian media discourses on Russia’s annexation of Crimea. 24 p. European Politics and Society.

Lytovchenko, Artëm; Yashkina, Dar'ia; Boiko, Dmytro; Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2022). "Diskurs pomirkovanosti ta zgurtovanosti yak efektyvnyi elektoral’nyi instrument: “Sluga Narodu” pid chas ukrainskoi parlaments’koi kampanii 2019 roku". The Ideology and Politics Journal. Vol. 3.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn ; Kropp, Sabine (2022). "Regional’ne riznomattiia Ukrainy: Chy mozhliva federalizatsiia?". The Ideology and Politics Journal. Vol. 3.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn ; Sadykov, Radik (2022). Reforming Housing and Utilities Services in Russia: Obstacles to Making Residents and Agencies Play by the New Rules. 25 p. Europe-Asia Studies.

Kropp, Sabine; Holm-Hansen, Jørn (2022). Why No Federalism? The Challenges of Institutionalizing a Multilevel Order in Ukraine. Keil, Soeren; Kropp, Sabine (Ed.). Emerging Federal Structures in the Post-Cold War Era. p. 95-114. Palgrave Macmillan.

Holm-Hansen, Jørn ; Kropp, Sabine (2021). The Regional Diversity of Ukraine: Can Federalization Be Achieved?. Aasland, Aadne; Kropp, Sabine (Ed.). The Accommodation of Regional and Ethno-cultural Diversity in Ukraine. p. 23-53. Palgrave Macmillan.

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