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Einar Braathen

Einar Braathen


In 2024, I made my debut as a film director (i.e. co-director) with the documentary «The Carnation Revolution - Portugal from dictatorship to democracy» first time screened at OsloMet on 25 April.

In my research, I am concerned with Democracy: how it is weakened in many countries and in many areas, and how it can be strengthened instead of undermined in front of today's global challenges at local and national levels. I tend to focus on Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries such as Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal.

2023-27: employee representative on OsloMet's board. Helped run a DemocracyLab to contribute to increased university democracy.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

International politics   Political science and organisational theory   Urbanism

Subject areas

Sustainable urban development   ICT in developing countries   Social and political movements   Active Citizenship   Climate change adaptation


Brazil   Mozambique   South Africa

Research projects

Scientific publications

Braathen, Einar (2023). Unntaket Brasil: demokratiets vekst og Arbeidernes Parti (PT). Törnquist, Olle; Bye, Vegard (Ed.). Gjenreising av det globale fellesskapet. Hvor ble det av solidariteten?. Kolofon Forlag AS.

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Braathen, Einar (2020). Pac’Stão versus the City of Police: Contentious Activism Facing Megaprojects, Authoritarianism, and Violence. 19 p. Conflict and Society - Advances in Research. Vol. 6.

Leal de Oliveira, Fabricio; Vainer, Carlos B.; Mascarenhas, Gilmar; Bienenstein, Glauco; Braathen, Einar (2019). "Mega-events, legacies and impacts: notes on 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics". 14 p. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete