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Simon Pahle

Simon Pahle

Research projects

  • CENSU - Climate Change Energy Sustainability

    CENSU is a Norwegian-Tanzanian-Mozambican university collaboration within education and research which focuses on sustainable gas extraction and governance in the context of vulnerable communities and climate change.

Scientific publications

Pahle, Simon (2020). Back to the Future? Charting Features of the Not-So-New Convergence in Aidland. Forum for Development Studies.

Pahle, Simon (2015). Stepchildren of Liberation: South African Farm Workers' Elusive Rights to Organise and Bargain Collectively. Journal of Southern African Studies. Vol. 41.

Pahle, Simon (2014). Bringing Workers’ Rights Back In? Propositions towards a Labour–Trade Linkage for the Global South. Development and Change. Vol. 46.

Pahle, Simon (2014). What difference does the International Labour Organisation make? Freedom of association norms, supervision and promotion vis-à-vis Brazil. Labor History. Vol. 55.

Pahle, Simon (2010). The rise and demise of the 'social clause' proposal in the 1990s: implications of a discourse theoretical reading. 22 p. Labor History. Vol. 51.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete