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Marianne Tønnessen

Marianne Tønnessen

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Demography   Social sciences   Economics

Subject areas

Population development   Demography   Population geography   Demography   Immigration   Emigration   Population   Etniske relasjoner   Work migration   International migration   Migration and family   Demographic change   Population projections


Southern Africa   Europe



Scientific publications

Tønnessen, Marianne; Skjerpen, Terje (2020). Using future age profiles to improve immigration projections. Population Studies .

Tønnessen, Marianne; Wilson, Ben (2020). Visualising Immigrant Fertility. Journal of International Migration and Integration .

Tønnessen, Marianne; Mussino, Eleonora (2020). Fertility patterns of migrants from low-fertility countries in Norway. Demographic Research . Vol. 42.

Tønnessen, Marianne; Dzamarija, Minja T.; Drahus, Kristin M. (2020). Demographic Profile of Syrians in Norway. Comparative Demography of the Syrian Diaspora: European and Middle Eastern Destinations. Kapittel om syrere i Norge. p. 281-301. Springer.

Tønnessen, Marianne (2019). Declined Total Fertility Rate Among Immigrants and the Role of Newly Arrived Women in Norway. European Journal of Population .

Tønnessen, Marianne; Telle, Kjetil Elias; Syse, Astri (2016). Childhood residential mobility and long-term outcomes. Acta Sociologica .

Tønnessen, Marianne (2015). Aldring i Norge. Sosiologi i dag .

Cappelen, Ådne; Skjerpen, Terje; Tønnessen, Marianne (2015). Forecasting Immigration in Official Population Projections Using an Econometric Model. International Migration Review . Vol. 49.

Tønnessen, Marianne; Carling, Jørgen (2013). Fathers' whereabouts and children's welfare in Malawi. Development Southern Africa .

Tønnessen, Marianne; Aalandslid, Vebjørn; Skjerpen, Terje (2013). Changing trend? Sex ratios of children born to Indian immigrants in Norway revisited. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth . Vol. 13.

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