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Kristian Tronstad

Kristian Tronstad

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Migration   Immigration   Mobility   Sustainable rural development   Immigration Policy   Integration politics   Active labour market program   Family migration   Inclusion and exclusion of miorities   Labour migration



Research projects

Scientific publications

Leirvik, Mariann Stærkebye ; Hernes, Vilde ; Liodden, Tone ; Tronstad, Kristian (2023). Utenlandsadoptertes erfaringer med rasisme og diskriminering. 22 p. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning. Vol. 64.

Søholt, Susanne ; Tronstad, Kristian (2020). The Norwegian Case: Integration Through Local Autonomy and Institutionalization. Palgrave Studies in Sub-National Governance.

Hernes, Vilde ; Arendt, Jacob; Andersson Joona, Pernilla; Tronstad, Kristian Rose (2020). Rapid or long-term employment? A Scandinavian comparative study of refugee integration policies and employment outcomes. Journal of European Public Policy.

Elgvin, Olav; Tronstad, Kristian Rose (2013). Nytt land, ny religiøsitet? Religiøsitet og sekularisering blant ikke-vestlige innvandrere i Norge. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning. Vol. 54.

Tronstad, Kristian Rose (2013). Migration and mobility. Rusten, Grete; Potthoff, Kerstin; Sangolt, Linda (Ed.). Norway : Nature industry and society. Fagbokforlaget.

Tronstad, Kristian Rose ; Joona, Pernilla Andersson (2013). New patterns of migration from Central and Eastern Europe to the Nordic countries. Friberg, Jon Horgen; Eldring, Line (Ed.). TemaNord 2013:570 Labour migrants from Central and Eastern Europe in the Nordic countries Patterns of migration, working conditions and recruitment practices. Nordic Council of Ministers.

Friberg, Jon Horgen; Tronstad, Kristian Rose ; Dølvik, Jon Erik (2012). «Central and Eastern European labour migration to Norway. Trends, conditions and challenges» I: Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment. Recent experiences from OECD countries and the European Union. OECD. OECD Economic Studies.

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