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The multiethnic rural community: Exclusion or inclusion of immigrants?

In the project "The Multiethnic Rural Community: Exclusion or inclusion of immigrants?" (MultiRur) is the aim to investigate how immigration affects rural Norway.

About the project

The project will investigate how local communities in district municipalities are changing as a result of immigration and increased migration between countries.

The focus is on processes for inclusion and exclusion in central welfare arenas such as housing, work and civil society. To gain more insight into these types of processes in Norway, we will compare different cases; three different district municipalities are located in between and with a multi-ethnic district in Oslo and a multi-ethnic district in Sweden and Denmark respectively. The purpose is to identify possible similar patterns across cases and differences that can be linked to the specific place, to being a district municipality or to being a Norwegian, multi-ethnic community. The project combines different theoretical approaches, methods and disciplines.

The project combines different theoretical approaches, methods and disciplines, and will be implemented by NIBR in collaboration with NTNU, Bygdeforsk, the National Building Research Institute (DK), Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

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