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Tone Liodden

Tone Liodden

Scientific publications

Tøge, Anne Grete; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira; Liodden, Tone; Rugkåsa, Marianne; Gyüre, Krisztina; Bergheim, Berit (2019). Improving follow-up with low-income families in Norway. What is new and what is already regular social work practice?. European Journal of Social Work.

Liodden, Tone (2019). Making the right decision. Justice in the asylum bureaucracy in Norway. Gill, Nick; Good, Anthony (Ed.). Asylum Determination in Europe. Ethnographic Perspectives. 12. Palgrave Macmillan.

Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira; Tøge, Anne Grete; Gyüre, Krisztina; Rugkåsa, Marianne; Fossestøl, Knut; Bergheim, Berit; Liodden, Tone (2017). Research protocol: A cluster-randomised study evaluating the effectiveness of a skill-training programme for social work professionals for improving the follow-up of low-income families within Norwegian welfare services. International Journal of Educational Research . Vol. 86.

Liodden, Tone Maia (2015). Asylpolitikk. Usikkerhet og tvil i asylavgjørelser. Widerberg, Karin (Ed.). I hjertet av velferdsstaten. En invitasjon til institusjonell etnografi. Kapittel 9. p. 191-215. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Damian, Rosset; Liodden, Tone Maia (2015). The Eritrea report: Symbolic uses of expert information in asylum politics. Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration. Vol. 5.

Liodden, Tone Maia (2008). Encounters with the past:The life stories of Czech emigrants in the context of historical change. Norsk tidsskrift for migrasjonsforskning . Vol. 2.

Downie, Michelle; Mageau, Genevieve; Kosetner, Richard; Liodden, Tone (2006). On the risk of being a cultural chameleon: Variations in collective self-esteem across social interactions. Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology . Vol. 12.

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