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Yuri Kasahara

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Kasahara, Yuri; Løland, Ole Jakob (2021). Bolsonaro og hans evangelikale støttespillere i Brasil. Sekularisme under nytt press?. Kirke og kultur . Vol. 126.

Kasahara, Yuri; Sobral, Maria do Carmo; Melo, Maiara Gabrielle de Souza (2020). THE LOCAL DIMENSION IN WATER RESOURCES GOVERNANCE: THE EXPERIENCE OF INTER-MUNICIPAL CONSORTIA AND COMMITTEES ON RIVER BASINS. Revista Brasileira de Ciências Ambientais (RBCIAMB) . Vol. 55.

Kasahara, Yuri; Botelho, Antonio Jose Junqueira (2019). Ideas and leadership in the crafting of alternative industrial policies: Local content requirements for the Brazilian oil and gas sector. Comparative politics . Vol. 51.

Kasahara, Yuri; Marsteintredet, Leiv (2018). Presidencialismo em crise ou parlamentarismo por outros meios? Impeachments presidenciais no Brasil e na América Latina. Revista de Ciências Sociais . Vol. 49.

Bull, Benedicte; Kasahara, Yuri (2017). La transnacionalización de los grupos empresariales diversificados y el rostro cambiante de las élites centroamericanas. Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos . Vol. 43.

Kasahara, Yuri; Botelho, Antonio Jose Junqueira (2016). Catching up and falling behind: An appraisal of Brazilian industrial policy in the twenty-first century. Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe . Vol. 101.

Braathen, Einar; Kasahara, Yuri (2015). Brazil, land of the future? Conservative development strategy and the urban challenge. Hansen, Arve; Wethal, Ulrikke Bryn (Ed.). Emerging Economies and Challenges to Sustainability: Theories, strategies, local realities. Chapter 10. p. 135-148. Routledge.

Bull, Benedicte; Castellacci, Fulvio; Kasahara, Yuri (2014). Business Groups and Transnational Capitalism in Central America: Economic and Political Strategies (International Political Economy Series). ISBN: 978-1-137-35939-1. 240 p. Palgrave Macmillan.

Bull, Benedicte; Kasahara, Yuri (2014). The Transformation of Central American Economic Elites: from Local Tycoons to Transnational Business Groups. Handbook of Central American governance. Chapter 15. Routledge.

Kasahara, Yuri (2012). Should I stay or should I go? A comparative study of banking sector policies and the strategies of Central American business groups. Business and Politics . Vol. 14.

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