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Evelyn Dyb

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Dyb, Evelyn; Benjaminsen, Lars; Knutagård, Marcus; Linden, Jarmo (2021). Governing Through Definitions and Numbers: Analysis of the Nordic Homeless Registrations as Instruments of Governing Homelessness. European Journal of Homelessness . Vol. 15.

Benjaminsen, Lars; Dhalmann, Hanna; Dyb, Evelyn; Knutagård, Marcus; Linden, Jarmo (2020). Measurement of homelessness in the Nordic Countries. European Journal of Homelessness . Vol. 14.

Dyb, Evelyn (2020). Reinventing Homelessness through Enumeration in Norwegian Housing Policies: A Case Study of Governmentality. 16 p. Housing, Theory and Society .

Hermans, Koen; Dyb, Evelyn; Knutagård, Marcus; Novak-Zezula, Sonja; Trummer, Ursula (2020). Migration and Homelessness: Measuring the Intersections. European Journal of Homelessness . Vol. 14.

Dyb, Evelyn (2020). Bostedsløs Politikk og praksis. ISBN: 9788205523746. 196 p. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Dyb, Evelyn (2020). Lykken ved å eie sin bolig. Tidsskrift for boligforskning . Vol. 3.

Dyb, Evelyn (2017). The governance of rehabilitation in prisons. Andersson, Björn; Petersson, Frida; Skårner, Anette (Ed.). Den motspänstiga akademikern. Festskrift til Ingrid Sahlin. 16. p. 383-404. Égalité.

Dyb, Evelyn (2017). Counting Homelessness and Politics: The case of Norway. European Journal of Homelessness . Vol. 11.

Anderson, Isobel; Dyb, Evelyn; Finnerty, Joe (2016). The 'Arc of Prosperity' Revisited. Homelessness Policy Change in North Western Europe. Social Inclusion . Vol. 4.

Dyb, Evelyn (2016). Housing First or no housing? Housing and homelessness at the end of alcohol and drug treatment. International journal of drug policy . Vol. 36.

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