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Mapping hateful utterances about Muslims on Norwegian Social Media

Based on analyses of big data from Norwegian social media the project aims to map hate speech about Muslims. The project will also conduct a meta-analysis of existing knowledge about hate speech about Muslims.

The project is an assignment from the Directorate for Children, Youth and Families. We will solve the assignment through various analysis methods based on the following research questions: 

  1. What may extant knowledge tell us about public hate speech directed at Muslims? 
  2. What types of hate speech against Muslims are made in the Norwegian public?
  3. How often does hate speech occur? 
  4. Who express the hate speech? 
  5. What opportunities are there in big data analysis and machine learning to map and categorize the extent of hate speech? 

We will answer the first question by means of a knowledge summary of existing knowledge in the field, as well as some qualitative analyses of multimodal hate speech. We will solve questions 2-4 by collecting our own big data. Through the process, we will systematically document our experiences of using big data on hate speech. In the final report, we will have detailed descriptions of our experiences.

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