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Anis Yazidi

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Riegler, Michael A.; Stensen, Mette Haug; Witczak, Oliwia; Andersen, Jorunn Marie; Hicks, Steven; Hammer, Hugo Lewi; Delbarre, Erwan; Halvorsen, Pål; Yazidi, Anis; holst, nicolai; Haugen, Trine B. (2021). Artificial intelligence in the fertility clinic: status, pitfalls and possibilities. Human Reproduction . Vol. 36.

Bårli, Eirik Molde; Yazidi, Anis; Viedma, Enrique Herrera; Haugerud, Hårek; Mikalsen, Bjørg (2021). DoS and DDoS mitigation using Variational Autoencoders. 21 p. Computer Networks . Vol. 199.

Glover, Tom Eivind; Lind, Pedro; Yazidi, Anis; Osipov, Evgeny; Nichele, Stefano (2021). The Dynamical Landscape of Reservoir Computing with Elementary Cellular Automata. Cejkova, Jitka; Holler, Silvia; Soros, Lisa; Witkowski, Olaf (Ed.). ALIFE 2021: Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2021. Kapittel. p. 292-300. MIT Press.

Abolpour Mofrad, Asieh; Abolpour Mofrad, Samaneh; Yazidi, Anis; Parker, Matthew Geoffrey (2021). On Neural Associative Memory Structures: Storage and Retrieval of Sequences in a Chain of Tournaments. Neural Computation . Vol. 33.

Jain, Samir; Seal, Ayan; Ojha, Aparajita; Yazidi, Anis; Bures, Jan; Tacheci, Ilja; Krejcar, Ondrej (2021). A deep CNN model for anomaly detection and localization in wireless capsule endoscopy images. Computers in Biology and Medicine . Vol. 137.

Sharma, Krishna Kumar; Seal, Ayan; Yazidi, Anis; Selamat, Ali; Krejcar, Ondrej (2021). Clustering Uncertain Data Objects Using Jeffreys-Divergence and Maximum Bipartite Matching Based Similarity Measure. IEEE Access . Vol. 9.

Yazidi, Anis; Silvestre, Daniel; Oommen, John (2021). Solving Two-Person Zero-Sum Stochastic Games With Incomplete Information Using Learning Automata With Artificial Barriers. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems .

Sahin, Bekir; Yazidi, Anis; Roman, Dumitru; Soylu, Ahmet (2021). Ontology-Based Fault Tree Analysis Algorithms in a Fuzzy Environment for Autonomous Ships. IEEE Access . Vol. 9.

Haugerud, Hårek; Tran, Huy Nhut; Aitsaadi, Nadjib; Yazidi, Anis (2021). A dynamic and scalable parallel Network Intrusion Detection System using intelligent rule ordering and Network Function Virtualization. Future generations computer systems . Vol. 124.

Yazidi, Anis; Ivanovska, Magdalena; Zennaro, Fabio Massimo; Lind, Pedro; Viedma, Enrique Herrera (2021). A new decision making model based on Rank Centrality for GDM with fuzzy preference relations. 12 p. European Journal of Operational Research .

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