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Anis Yazidi

Anis Yazidi


Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Gambín, Ángel Fernández; Yazidi, Anis ; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Haugerud, Hårek ; Djenouri, Youcef (2024). Deepfakes: current and future trends. Artificial Intelligence Review. Vol. 57.

Sahu, Geet; Seal, Ayan; Yazidi, Anis ; Krejcar, Ondrej (2024). A Dual-Channel Dehaze-Net for Single Image Dehazing in Visual Internet of Things Using PYNQ-Z2 Board. 14 s. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering. Vol. 21.

Abolghasemi, Roza ; Viedma, Enrique Herrera; Engelstad, Paal E. ; Djenouri, Youcef; Yazidi, Anis (2024). A graph neural approach for group recommendation system based on pairwise preferences. Information Fusion. Vol. 107.

Khan, Haroon ; Khadka, Rabindra ; Sultan, Malik Shahid; Yazidi, Anis ; Ombao, Hernando; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2024). Unleashing the potential of fNIRS with machine learning: classification of fine anatomical movements to empower future brain-computer interface. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Vol. 18.

Khan, Mehak; Borges Moreno e Mello, Gustavo ; Habib, Laurence ; Engelstad, Paal ; Yazidi, Anis (2024). HITS-based Propagation Paradigm for Graph Neural Networks. 22 s. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data. Vol. 18.

Upreti, Ramesh; Lind, Pedro G.; Elmokashfi, Ahmed Mustafa Abdalla; Yazidi, Anis (2024). Trustworthy machine learning in the context of security and privacy. International Journal of Information Security.

Djenouri, Youcef; Belhadi, Asma ; Srivastava, Gautam; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Yazidi, Anis (2023). Interpretable intrusion detection for next generation of Internet of Things. 6 s. Computer Communications. Vol. 203.

Djenouri, Youcef; Yazidi, Anis ; Srivastava, Gautam; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei (2023). Blockchain: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities in Consumer Electronics. 5 s. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. Vol. 13.

Khan, Haroon ; Qureshi, Nauman Khalid; Yazidi, Anis ; Engell, Håvard; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2023). Single-leg stance on a challenging surface can enhance cortical activation in the right hemisphere – A case study. 9 s. Heliyon. Vol. 9.

Belhadi, Asma ; Holland, Jon-Olav; Yazidi, Anis ; Srivastava, Gautam; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Djenouri, Youcef (2023). BIoMT-ISeg: Blockchain internet of medical things for intelligent segmentation. 13 s. Frontiers in Physiology. Vol. 13.

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