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Pedro Lind

Pedro Lind


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Chatzis, Christos; Pfeffer, Max; Lind, Pedro ; Acar, Evrim (2023). A Time-Aware Tensor Decomposition for Tracking Evolving Patterns. IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Riechers, Keno; Rydin Gorjão, Leonardo; Hassanibesheli, Forough; Lind, Pedro ; Witthaut, Dirk; Boers, Niklas (2023). Stable stadial and interstadial states of the last glacial's climate identified in a combined stable water isotope and dust record from Greenland. 14 s. Earth System Dynamics (ESD). Vol. 14.

Glover, Tom Eivind ; Lind, Pedro ; Yazidi, Anis ; Osipov, Evgeny; Nichele, Stefano (2023). Investigating Rules and Parameters of Reservoir Computing with Elementary Cellular Automata, with a Criticism of Rule 90 and the Five-Bit Memory Benchmark. 42 s. Complex Systems. Vol. 32.

Rego Lencastre e Silva, Pedro ; Gjersdal, Marit Øye; Gorjão, Leonardo Rydin; Yazidi, Anis ; Lind, Pedro (2023). Modern AI versus century-old mathematical models: How far can we go with generative adversarial networks to reproduce stochastic processes?. Physica D : Non-linear phenomena. Vol. 453.

Ould-Elhassen Aoueileyine, Mohamed; Bennouri, Hajar; Berqia, Amine; Lind, Pedro ; Haugerud, Hårek ; Krejcar, Ondrej; Bouallegue, Ridha; Yazidi, Anis (2023). Quality of Monitoring Optimization in Underwater Sensor Networks through a Multiagent Diversity-Based Gradient Approach. 19 s. Sensors. Vol. 23.

Zouganeli, Evi ; Yazidi, Anis ; Mello, Gustavo Borges Moreno E; Lind, Pedro (2023). Nordic Artificial Intelligence Research and Development: 4th Symposium of the Norwegian AI Society, NAIS 2022, Oslo, Norway, May 31-June 1, 2022, Revised Selected Papers. ISBN: 9783031170294. 130 s. Springer Nature.

Srinivasan, Sabarathinam; Kumarasamy, Suresh; Andreadakis, Zacharias ; Lind, Pedro (2023). Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Models of Power Grids Driven by Renewable Energy Sources: A Survey. Energies. Vol. 16.

Rydin Gorjão, Leonardo; Witthaut, Dirk; Lind, Pedro (2023). jumpdiff: A Python Library for Statistical Inference of Jump-Diffusion Processes in Observational or Experimental Data Sets. 21 s. Journal of Statistical Software. Vol. 105.

Schroeder, Daniel Thilo; Langguth, Johannes; Burchard, Luk; Pogorelov, Konstantin; Lind, Pedro (2022). The connectivity network underlying the German’s Twittersphere: a testbed for investigating information spreading phenomena. Scientific Reports. Vol. 12.

Sequeira, Joao; Louca, Jorge; Mendes, Antonio; Lind, Pedro (2022). Using the Hurst Exponent and Entropy Measures to Predict Effective Transmissibility in Empirical Series of Malaria Incidence. 27 s. Applied Sciences. Vol. 12.

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