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Frode Eika Sandnes

Frode Eika Sandnes

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Jeg forsker på brukergrensesnitt. Jeg er opptatt av innovative interaksjonsformer og gjenbruk av ferdigheter samt universell utforming.

Jeg arbeider også med mønstergjenkjenning, bildeanalyse og intelligente systemer.

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Kuriakose, Bineeth; Cosescu, Irina; Shrestha, Raju; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2023). Mind Your Step: A Diary Study of a Person with Visual Impairment Navigating a City with a Smart Cane. Papadopoulos, G.A.; Achilleos, A.; Pissaloux, E; Velazquez, R. (Red.). ICT for Health, Accessibility and Wellbeing. IHAW 2022. s. 34-48. Springer.

Sandnes, Frode Eika; Örtenblad, Anders Ragnar; Bøhn, Einar Duenger (2023). For or Against Equal Pay? A Study of Common Perceptions. Compensation and Benefits Review. Vol. 55.

Kuriakose, Bineeth; Shrestha, Raju; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2023). Exploring the User Experience of an AI-based Smartphone Navigation Assistant for People with Visual Impairments. Gena, Cristina; Russis, Luigi De; Spano, Davide; Lanzilotti, Rosa; Mascio, Tania Di; Prandi, Catia (Red.). CHItaly '23: Proceedings of the 15th Biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter. s. 1-8. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Kuriakose, Bineeth; Shrestha, Raju; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). LiDAR-Based Obstacle Detection and Distance Estimation in Navigation Assistance for Visually Impaired. Antona, Margherita; Stephanidis, Constantine (Red.). Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. User and Context Diversity. s. 479-491. Springer.

Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). Is there an imbalance in the supply and demand for universal accessibility knowledge? Twenty years of UAIS papers viewed through the lens of WCAG. Universal Access in the Information Society. Vol. 21.

Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). Viewing Browser Content from Extreme Angles with Partial Perspective Corrections. Bottoni, Paolo (Red.). AVI 2022: Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. ACM Publications.

Bertolaccini, Guilherme; Sandnes, Frode Eika; Medola, Fausto Orsi; Gjøvaag, Terje (2022). Effect of Manual Wheelchair Type on Mobility Performance, Cardiorespiratory Responses, and Perceived Exertion. 11 s. Rehabilitation Research and Practice. Vol. 2022.

Kuriakose, Bineeth; Shrestha, Raju; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). DeepNAVI: A deep learning based smartphone navigation assistant for people with visual impairments. 16 s. Expert Systems With Applications. Vol. 212.

Eika, Evelyn; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). Starstruck by journal prestige and citation counts? On students’ bias and perceptions of trustworthiness according to clues in publication references. 27 s. Scientometrics. Vol. 127.

Vital, Ana Flavia; van der Baan, Mark; Stenberg, Øyvind Ødegård; Sandnes, Frode Eika (2022). Animated Backgrounds on the Web Reduce Reading Speed: Some Empirical Evidence from a Remote Experiment. Antona, Margherita; Stephanidis, Constantine (Red.). Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Novel Design Approaches and Technologies. s. 164-174. Springer.

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