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Peyman Mirtaheri

Peyman Mirtaheri


Peyman Mirtaheri is a full Professor of biomedical engineering at MEC at OsloMet and an adjunct professor at the Biomedical Engineering faculty at Michigan Tech ( In addition, he teaches medical sensors and actuators at the ACIT master program (ACIT4720).
He is also the leader of the NIRS/optical lab, which was established in 2009.
His research focus is on:
1) developing new measuring technologies to detect brain activities
2) using the existing technologies such as fNIRS and EEG to understand motion and balance and related activities in the cerebral cortex.

He has also initiated the ADEPT (Advance health intelligence and brain-inspired technologies) research platform consisting of members from faculties of Technology, Art, and Desing-and Health Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University.

He is currently the project manager and PI of two large projects:
1) PACER, RCN, )
2) MgSafe ( MSCA-ITN Horizon 2020, )
3) Future running shoes (IP-N project at RCN in collaboration with Gaitline AS)

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Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Medical technology

Subject areas

Biomedical engineering   Fiber optical sensors   Sensors and measurements techniques   Wireless sensors   NIRS   FNIRS

Scientific publications

Maghoul, Amir; Rostami, Ali; Barzinjy, Azeez Abdullah; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2021). Electrically Tunable Perfect Terahertz Absorber Using Embedded Combline Graphene Layer. Applied Sciences : APPS . Vol. 11.

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Mellema, Mirjam; Mirtaheri, Peyman; Gjøvaag, Terje (2021). Relationship between level of daily activity and upper-body aerobic capacity in adults with a lower limb amputation. Prosthetics and orthotics international . Vol. 45.

Mathew, Anna; Hassan, Hafiz Wajahat; Mirtaheri, Peyman; Korostynska, Olga (2021). Feasibility of Using NIR Spectroscopy in Automated Meat Cutting. "Challenges in Automated Food Processing", Workshop at European Robotics Forum 2021. ERF 2021 Workshop paper. p. 10-12.

Hassan, Hafiz Wajahat; Grasso, Valeria; Korostynska, Olga; Khan, Haroon; Jose, Jithin; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2021). An overview of assessment tools for determination of biological Magnesium implant degradation. Medical Engineering and Physics . Vol. 93.

Khan, Haroon; Naseer, Noman; Yazidi, Anis; Eide, Per Kristian; Hassan, Wajahat; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2021). Analysis of Human Gait Using Hybrid EEG-fNIRS-Based BCI System: A Review. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience . Vol. 14.

Sherkat, Habib; Pinto-Orellana, Marco Antonio; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2020). SHADE: Absorption spectroscopy enhancement with ambient light estimation and narrow-band detection. Optik (Stuttgart) . Vol. 220.

Berg, Arild; Gulden, Tore; Yazidi, Anis; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2019). Health promoting experiences in urban green space: A case study of a co-design toolkit based on feedbacks from fNIRS, IoT and game probes. Meyer, Jochen (Ed.). PERVASIVEHEALTH - EAI 2019 Other Years PERVASIVEHEALTH - EAI 2018 PERVASIVEHEALTH - EAI 2019 Ethics and Malpractice Statement Back to CORE PERVASIVEHEALTH - EAI 13th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare. Demos and Posters.

Schack, Jette; Mirtaheri, Peyman; Steen, Harald; Gjøvaag, Terje (2019). Assessing mobility for persons with lower limb amputation: the Figure-of-Eight Walk Test with the inclusion of two novel conditions. Disability and Rehabilitation .

Sherkat, Habib; Gjøvaag, Terje; Mirtaheri, Peyman (2019). Experimental investigation on the light transmission of a textile-based over-cap used in functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering . Vol. 11074.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete