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Rabindra Khadka

Rabindra Khadka

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Algorithms and computability theory

Research projects

  • AI-Mind

    The goal of the research is to reduce the burden of dementia by developing novel, AI-based tools.

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Abolghasemi, Roza; Khadka, Rabindra; Lind, Pedro; Engelstad, Paal E.; Viedma, Enrique Herrera; Yazidi, Anis (2022). Predicting missing pairwise preferences from similarity features in group decision making. Knowledge-Based Systems. Vol. 256.

Khadka, Rabindra; Jha, Debesh; Hicks, Steven; Thambawita, Vajira L B; Riegler, Michael; Ali, Sharib; Halvorsen, Pål (2022). Meta-learning with implicit gradients in a few-shot setting for medical image segmentation. 10 p. Computers in Biology and Medicine. Vol. 143.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete