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Laurence Marie Anna Habib

Laurence Marie Anna Habib

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Information and communication technology   Education

Subject areas

Informatics   Research method   Internet-based learning   Method development   Academic councelling   Qualitative methods   New Media   Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning   Media   Learning in a sociocultural perspective   E-learning   ICT and learning   Children and the Media   Social science methods   Learning technology   Digital media   Educational technology



Research projects

Scientific publications

van Middendorp, Sergej; Habib, Laurence Marie Anna; Hartkamp, Agnes Dewi; da Silva, Flavio; Steier, Frederick (2021). Collaborative Support Networks for Sustainability Leadership. Appelbaum, Richard P.; Steier, Frederick; Stillman, Paul; Willis, David Blake (Ed.). Leadership in Sustainability: Perspectives in Research, Policy and Practice. Chapter 12. p. 209-229.

Igeltjørn, Anne; Habib, Laurence Marie Anna (2020). Homebased Telework as a Tool for Inclusion? A Literature Review of Telework, Disabilities and Work-Life Balance. Antona, M.; Stepahnidis, C. (Ed.). Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Applications and Practice. KAPITTEL. p. 420-436. Springer Nature.

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Habib, Laurence Marie Anna; Juell, Elisabeth (2014). Before and after Lightfoot/León. Using rich pictures to illustrate an educational journey through the world of opera and ballet. 16 p. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk . Vol. 7.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete