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Lothar Fritsch

Lothar Fritsch


I'm Professor of Applied Cybersecurity. Areas of interest are information privacy, identity management, cyberwar, privacy technology, privacy risk assessment, and general cybersecurity topics.
I teach in many areas of computer science, amonge others Internet of Things, network security and Privacy by Design. I supervise bachelor and master thesis projects, in collaboration with industry, associations and public organizations.

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Until my recent five years of work from Sweden turn up in the Cristin database, you can refer to my profile on Google Scholar ( ) or use the Swedish DIVA system ( ) for an overview over my research activities.

Scientific publications

Fritsch, Lothar; Mecaliff, Marie; Opdal, Kathinka W.; Rundgreen, Mathias; Sachse, Toril S. (2022). Towards robustness of keyboard-entered authentication factors with thermal wiping against thermographic attacks. Roßnagel, Heiko; Schunk, Christian H.; Mödersheim, Sebastian (Ed.). Open Identity Summit 2022, LNI Volume P325. chapter 1. p. 15-26. Gesellschaft für Informatik.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete